Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Latest Pretty Green clothing range Launches by Oasis star Liam Gallagher

To unveil the new spring/summer collection of his menswear clothing range,Oasis band star,Liam appeared at Selfridges in the Bullring Centre Wednesday evening

In June last year Pretty Green was launched by Liam, and has since been a surprise success.

The brand,which was designed and introduced by Liam wons the won the Menswear Brand of the Year award at the Draper Fashion Awards earlier this month.

Liam has been pretty busy lately.

Gallagher has recently released Bring The Light, the first single with new band Beady Eye, and this week announced that the band will be touring the UK next year.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Former Oasis drummer tells all

Tony McCarroll,former Oasis drummer wrote a book called Oasis: The Truth which is based on his time in the band

In his book he exposed more about split from the band in 1995 resulted in a legal battle over payment and he unveil more about that and the band's rise to fame.

In his book he also enlightened his troubled relationship with Noel Gallagher.

"The reason I wrote the book in the first place was because of 'Noel Gallagher-isms,'" he told 6 Music. "You know, his one-liners.

"I felt it was about time that I stuck up for myself. There was a bit of bad press out there and I thought, 'right, I'm going to put my side of the story across.'"

The memoirs aren't likely to build any bridges between McCarroll and the Gallaghers - but he says he never expected that.

"I'd be absolutely shocked if there was any kind of reconciliation," he said. "It's the way Noel is. Once you've crossed him, it's hard to go back."

6 Music's Elizabeth Alker spoke to Tony to find out more.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Alan McGee Thinks Positive On The Reunion Of Band

Alan McGee, ex-oasis manager thinks that the band will get reunite in the future.

Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, members of the band have fallen out and are about to release there own solo efforts but McGee is sure that they all will put there problems behind them one day

'I think they will make up. It might be a few years but they will. I'm pretty sure. I mean, they're brothers.' McGee said to UK newspaper Record

He added that "he has been impressed with Noel's new solo material"

He added: 'Noel sent me his CD and songwriting-wise, it's Noel back to his peak. There were a bunch of songs and three of them are up there with the best songs the guys have ever written.'

Monday, 1 November 2010

Oasis frontman denies assaulting fan

Liam Gallagher, Oasis frontman has been released after begging not guilty to onslaught a fan in Australia.

The 25 year old Singer was charged for attacking badly on a Fan, he was charged with invasion occasioning bodily harm after allegedly head-butting a British fan and breaking his nose in Brisbane.

It happened when the as the tourist was taking the photograph outside the hotel where they were staying as the part of their Australian tour.

A spokesman for Brisbane Magistrates Court said:"Liam Gallagher pleaded not guilty and was remanded on bail to appear before the court again on June 9.

"He was granted bail with the condition that he provide a 10,000 Australian Dollar (£3,906) surety, which he did.

"He signed his bail and then left. He did not speak during the hearing, which was quite short. His lawyer did all the talking."

The 25 year Old was treated strictly and released when he paid all the charges to the government and apologizes to the fan for there rude attitude

Oasis frontman denies assaulting fan