Saturday, 3 July 2010

In World Cup for Oasis Argentina’s Messi to Crush Germany

The world’s best soccer player, Argentinean Lionel Messi, is also a committed for Oasis fan. The diminutive striker says he will defeat Germany for Oasis and the Gallagher brothers when Argentina play Germany in the World Cup quarterfinal.
Argentina teammate Carlos Tevez, who plays his club soccer in Oasis’ hometown of Manchester, U.K., turned Messi on to the Gallaghers. “Ever since he has been playing in Manchester, Carlos has told me how great Oasis was. I kept promising I would listen to them, but I never got ’round to it. On the plane on the way to the World Cup, Carlos made me listen to their first two albums.
“I have to say I wasn’t expecting much, but it is some of the best material I have ever heard. They are absolutely amazing.”
Germany eliminated England from the tournament with a controversial 4-1 victory last weekend.
Messi told The Sun, “If they love England as much as they do Manchester City, you can tell them from me I will do everything I can to defeat the team who knocked their beloved England out of the Cup.”
Germany play Argentina on Saturday. The winner will move on to next week’s semifinal ahead of the 2010 World Cup Final on July 11.