Thursday, 30 December 2010

Liam: New band better than Oasis

Noel's guitar playing had been apparently dig by his brother Liam.Liam have given the statement that his new music band group is much better than Oasis.

Liam who had created a new band named Beady Eye of same line up excluding brother Noel's and since then they both are split.It has been a great jab by Liam at his sibling.

In his first major interview to promote his new act, Liam told NME: "The musicians are better, without a doubt."

Friday, 24 December 2010

Oasis famous album ‘Best Album Of Past 25 Years’

Radiohead's hist album was released in 1997 'OK Computer' has been named 'the best album of the past 25 years' by a poll condutced by Q Magazine, when Nirvana's extol second album 'Nevermind', while Oasis‘ first two LP’s ‘Definitely Maybe‘ and ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?‘ were third and fourth respectively.

By referee of Q the Radiohead other three album were voted into the top 20 with ‘The Bends‘ at eight, ‘Kid A‘ placing at 18 and ‘In Rainbows‘ entering at 23.

Oasis, Radiohead, U2 and Muse they have biggest famous recorders,which of the album list at least 250.

Annotate on ‘OK Computer‘, Paul Rees, Q’s editor-in-chief, said: “In the 13 years since its release, OK Computer’s appeal to Q and its readers has grown exponentially. We originally hailed it as a masterpiece and, a rarity this, that isn’t an opinion that we’ve even considered modifying ever since. As this readers’ poll testifies, our readers see it as the benchmark against which all other album are and continue to judged against in Q’s lifetime.”

Friday, 10 December 2010

Beady Eye will not play Oasis tracks on tour

Liam Gallagher confirms that Beady Eye new band is totally different for the old band Oasis.

On their next tour with Andy Bell (formerly of Oasis)Chris Sharrock (formerly of Oasis) and Gem Archer (formerly of, erm, Oasis) it will be strictly new songs only.

Guitarist Gem told Q magazine: "There will be no Oasis songs either, if you were going to ask."

The six-date tour begins on March 3 in Glasgow, before London and Manchester. Glad they cleared that up.